We are a creative studio Verteco

with many years of experience in graphic design.

and design

We are a Verteco graphic design studio with many years of experience in digital and graphics. We enjoy our work and you can see it in the result of our work. That’s why we’re one of the few studios that has a policy – we’ll create a sample and if you’re not happy, you don’t pay anything at all! Because we stand for quality, which is a requirement if we are to be paid for anything.

We design new visual identities, logos, corporate catalogues, websites and much more. You can also rely on our experts for 3D graphics or motion animations.

Design manual

The design manual is an essential tool for maintaining and strengthening the visual identity of the brand. Its precise and clear guidelines ensure that the brand is consistent, professional and able to communicate effectively with its audience across different environments and channels.


Precise shades and combinations for logos, backgrounds and text elements. Their consistent use prevents inconsistencies in brand imagery.


Font style, size, spacing and its application in different situations. It ensures a uniform appearance of texts and easy recognition of the brand.

Graphic elements

Rules for the use of logos, icons, designs and their correct placement. These elements are the foundation of brand identity and their consistent use reinforces the memorability of the brand.

Digital media

Guidelines for online platforms such as social networks, websites and mobile apps. Flexibility and adaptability in the digital world maintains a consistent visual identity.

logo design

Logo is the basis of the identity of every company. So, impress with a logo that will present your company at first glance without any words. At Verteco, we’ll be happy to design a unique logo that will impress among the competition. We also offer and create multiple logo variants or formats, so that you can use your new logo anyhow and everywhere with pride.

Plus, our partner law firm can help you trademark your logo. This process is a key step in protecting your brand identity from unauthorized use. With their expert assistance, you will be assured of comprehensive legal protection for your logo. Services also include advice and representation on legislative issues relating to intellectual property rights.


We help our clients find their place on the market through simple but well-thought-out branding. Whether it’s business cards, presentations or various promotional items, we will make sure that your logo is the center of attention of every eye.

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print graphics

It may seem that print advertising is out of fashion, but people are always happy to view a quality catalog or flyer.

We provide our clients not only with quality design, but also printing services according to their needs. We even offer digitization of print graphics, so you won’t get lost in the online world.

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web design

Forget about template based websites that people forget about even while browsing them. We focus on every detail, so that your new website is not only graphically attractive, but also simple for use for all customers.


Welcome to the world of modern technology, where mobile applications can do anything. Whether you need an HR application, an e-shop, a customer portal, imagination knows no bounds. We will not only design application for you, but we will also help with the implementation and creation of the application.

For your mobile app, our partner law firm can help you ensure that your idea is protected, in accordance with applicable legislation. The process of obtaining a patent or trademark registration for your app is essential to protect your intellectual property. With the help of experienced lawyers, you will be assured that your idea will be protected against unauthorized use. Thus, we can provide you with a complete legal service to secure and protect the rights associated with your app.

social media

Online marketing has never looked better. At Verteco, we will help you capture the online world and attract new fans.

In addition to design, we also offer online marketing services, so you don’t have to worry about your social networks at all!

font design

Be original. Take a step forward and present your company in an even more original dress with a new font tailored for your company.

packaging design

We offer complete services from design and 3D models, through the implementation and printing of new packaging for your products.

3d models

3D designs are among the modern ways to present and engage. Do you need to redesign company rooms? Introduce a new product? Set up a stand for the conference? Contact us.

ux design

The goal of UX design (User Experience Design) is to create a simple, effective, relevant and universally enjoyable experience for the user. User experience refers to any interaction a user has with a product or service. UX design takes into account every element that shapes that experience, how it makes the user feel, and how easy it is for the user to perform the required tasks.

Our UX designers combine market research, product development, strategy and design to create seamless user experiences for products, services and processes. They create a bridge to the customer and help the company better understand – and meet – their needs and expectations.

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See a sample

of our web design

Our production is the result of hard work, creativity and expertise. Check out our work at sklobau.sk or discover our wide range of projects. Get inspired and consider how we could help your business grow and achieve your goals online. Become part of our web design world and together we will weave online success!

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We often create various types of graphic design for our clients. We love design and therefore any new challenge brings us joy. Write to us, tell us what you need and we will definitely find a suiting solution.  

The creative world of Verteco

Welcome to our creative world, where ideas are turned into visual experiences. Come dive with us into the process and tools that make us who we are.

We enjoy what we do and take pride in the tools that help us achieve our goals. We look forward to the opportunity to share our creativity and passion for design with you!

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Illustrator is like a smart pen to us - we use it to create beautiful designs, icons, and other graphic artwork. The best part? We can use these graphics anywhere and at any size! We're happy to move between different applications, for example, when we design a cover in Illustrator and then bring it into Photoshop to create a mock-up of the product. We work quickly and efficiently and are constantly improving thanks to integrated courses.
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Photoshop is our digital omni-tool. It's here where we create stunning images, rich graphics and incredible works of art. Photoshop is also an important bridge between our applications, when we transfer packaging from Illustrator to create product mock-ups, for example.
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At InDesign, we create and publish everything from books and digital magazines to eBooks, posters and interactive PDFs. The app allows us to design compelling layouts for print and digital media that draw readers in and keep their attention until the end. We are creators of ingenious multi-page documents where text and images work together to create stunning magazines, reports, eBooks and more.


We are a creative studio with years of experience in digital world and advertising. We really enjoy our work, which can be seen on the results of our work. That’s why we are one of the few creative studios, that has a policy – if you are not satisfied with the reasults, you don need to pay! We stand for quality – our main condition, if we are to be paid for something. Do not hesitate to contact us and try our talents.


without risk

without risk

You only pay if you like the result. It is up to us to deliver quality.


verified quality

verified quality

Our client list include top companies in Slovakia, so you don't have to to worry quality.


innovative solutions

innovative solutions

We do our work according to the latest standards and follow all modern trends in the world of digital




With us, you no longer need to look for a supplier for each area separetely. Saving a lot of time.


favorable prices

favorable prices

We are not the cheapest, but you can get a lot more music for the same money.


personally meetings

personally meetings

We are ahppy to meet you in person at every important step, whether at our branch or elsewhere.


special approach

special approach

We approach our work humanely, always original and with the uniqueness created for your brand.




If somthing needs to be done "yesterday", we are here for you. We are used to occasional work at night or over the weekend.


We have already helped a number of our clients to create the right solution, simply because our services and solutions suit small or large companies. 


We have already helped a number of our clients to create the right solution, simply because our services and solutions suit small or large companies. 

Looking for a handy helper?

You found him!

Contact us today to discover the great benefits we offer our clients. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on the best possible solution. 

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