xml feed management and processing

Import products
quickly and automatically

Transfer products from suppliers to your e-shop faster and without unnecessary work. Managing and processing XML feeds allows you to automatically import all the necessary data into your e-shop, so you can focus on your customers. 

Administration and processing of XML feeds

What are XML feeds?

XML feeds are special codes that contain all the necessary information about your products. For example, withing feeds you will find information about the product name, how much it costs, how many units are in stock, etc.

What are they used for?

XML is used either to link your e-shop with search engines such as Heureka or thanks to them you can easily link your e-shop with your supplier’s warehouse. Your products will be then easily imported into the e-shop via the XML feed without having to change or set up anything. 

Automatic and regular import of products

Thanks to XML feeds, the e-shop can automatically receive all the necessary information from your supplier and update it at any time without you having to lift a finger. 

Customization of the e-shop

Make your e-shop unique

When editing the feeds, it is possible to customize what and how your e-shop enters during import. For example, you can set a special name for a category, translate texts or optimize which specific data will appear on the e-shop.  And so, just by making simple adjustments, you will stand out above the competition. 

Translation into one or more languages

Is your supplier from abroad? Do you need to translate category names or products into the language of your e-shop? Thanks to automatic feed translation, you don’t have to worry about any language barriers, no matter where your supplier is from. 

Product images that won't slow down the e-shop

Product images are an important part of every e-shop. It is thanks to them that customers decide to buy a product. However, with a large number of products, they can significantly overload the website and slow down its loading. Proper optimization and storing od images on the server is therefore a crucial step in creating an e-shop.

An e-shop that delights customers and browsers alike

A great e-shop is not only characterised by good products. From the first load to the finalisation of the order, the customer must feel convenience, speed and security. Therefore, creating an e-shop means more to us than just design. That is why we offer our clients several options in terms of optimization, protection or SEO settings. 

Optimization of images or the entire e-shop

what do we offer?

how are XML feeds managed and processed in Verteco?

XML feed

We will process the sent XML feed from your supplier and link it to your e-shop.

XML code

We customize the XML code according to the needs of your e-shop.

import and product management

We can help you import products, manage them and provide automatic imports.

Upload and optimising of images

We will help you find the most suitable solution for product images uploads.

e-shop and product optimization

We optimize your e-shop so that regular product updates do not affect your customers in any way.

We are a partner..

We have a lot of experience with creating e-shops and XML feeds, thanks to which we have become an official Google partner.

As a certified Google partner, we maintain high optimization scores on all our websites and offer many other services in the field of online marketing, SEO optimization, etc.



Discover our services for a bargain price of only 49€ per month. Thanks to this, you won’t have any extra work to do with uploading products. 

what do we offer?


Several of our customers use our services on their e-shops. Take a look at our work and join them today. 

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