translation of feeds for e-shops thanks to

ultimate translate

Do you need to translate products, categories or other texts on your e-shop? We will be happy to provide you with a suitable solution thanks to Verteco’s ultimate translate.

Supported formats: XML, CSV, TXT.

Customized translation of feeds and e-shop

according to your needs

Translation of XML feeds

We offer our customers not only XML feed management and processing, but also automatic feed translation. Your products or categories are automatically translated into the language of your customers every time they are imported into e-shop. 

E-shop translation from scratch

We will help you translate your e-shop into a foreign language easily and automatically. Tranlsations from scratch is not only about translating product informations, categories, but also about the translating customer emails, shopping cart, checkout pages and other important parts of the e-shop. 

Connecting e-shops

Some of our clients offer their products in multiple countries. So they need to have their e-shops translated into multiple languages or have multiple e-shops with different domains. Thanks to Ultimate translate we can guarantee simple connection and translation of these e-shops and make their administration easier

We also offer

optimization and management of e-shops in one

Optimization of e-shop and products

A great e-shop is not only characterised by good products. From the first load to the finalisation of the order, the customer must feel convenience, speed and security. Therefore, creating an e-shop means more to us than just design, that is why we offer our clients several options in terms of optimization, protection or SEO settings.  

SEO settings and online marketing in any language

Do you want your e-shop to be visible in search engines? Would you like help to create an online campaign or functional online ads? Whatever language your e-shop is in, we’ll take care of it. 

XML feed management and processing

XML is used either to link your e-shop with search engines such as Heureka or thanks to them you can easily link your e-shop with your supplier’s warehouse. Your products will be easily imported into the e-shop via the XML feed without having to change or set up anything. 


Our feed translation service is used by several of our customers on their e-shops.
Take a look at our work and join them today. 

individual translation

Need to translate the whole e-shop?

Write to us without obligation what kind of e-shop it is, what kind of modifications and translations you would need to implement on the e-shop and we will send you a quotation made according to your needs. 

translation of feeds

Not sure about the number of characters?

Send us your files for translation without obligation and we will count all the characters for you. We will then prepare a suitable quotation for you. And then it’s up to you whether you choose our services. 

We are a partner..

We have a lot of experience with creating e-shops and XML feeds, thanks to which we have become an official Google partner.

As a certified Google partner, we maintain high optimization scores on all our websites and offer many other services in the field of online marketing, SEO optimization, etc.

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We not only design our solutions, but also provide a comprehensive implementation of solutions from the idea to a high-quality e-shop.