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Creation of a customized e-shop

Vytvárame e-shopy podľa požiadaviek klienta
od návrhu dizajnu až po detailné zabezpečenie fungovania e-shopu.
Zabezpečíme a postaráme sa nielen o Váš e-shop, ale aj hosting, emaily či doménu.
Pracujeme len s overenými a bezpečnými technickými riešeniami
Špecializujeme sa nielen na tvorbu e-shopu, ale aj online propagáciu cez reklamy, sociálne siete či videá.
Vytvoríme pre Váš e-shop skvelé SEO výsledky, ktoré neodignoruje žiadny vyhľadávač.


We have already created attractive websites and e-shops for a number of our clients, simply because our services and solutions suit small or large companies.

We create simple and complex e-shops

We handle all commercially known platforms

We only work with proven and safe technical solutions

The e-shop is ALWAYS YOUR property

(most flat-rate solutions do not provide this option)

You get a simple content management system to manage your e-shop

We provide a free instructional video

We provide domain and server hosting

Provides additional services such as graphics, online advertising, SEO, social media management

Choice of one-off payment or monthly lump sum

Possibility of post-warranty e-shop management

Helpline by email or phone

Everything under one roof



when creating an e-shop

We create e-shops primarily using the open-source WordPress platform. It’s a proven, globally used platform with tremendous technical support and security, and most importantly – it lets you do anything.

The big advantage is lower labour intensity and therefore lower overall price. Moreover, after creating an e-shop, it provides the possibility of editing the e-shop even for a person who is not tech-savvy – the editorial interface is really simple, compared to using Facebook. As a bonus, of course, you receive training from us, so you will be able to do many things yourself and not depend on external help.

Of course. We do not recommend any other solution. Imagine you buy a car, but it could only be driven by an external chauffeur, whom you still have to pay. While it’s nice if you’re very pressed for time, it’s nonsense for the average person. That is why we show the options for editing the store after creating it. Thanks to the simple admin interface, even a non-tech-savvy person can do it – it’s really easy, like using Facebook. As a bonus, you also receive an instructional video from us so that you can look up the information at any time. So you’ll be able to do a lot of things yourself and not depend on outside help.

We are one of the few who provide this service even with a flat monthly rental! Platforms such as Shoptet, eshop-rychle or Wix provide you with “your” e-shop, but they remain the owner and you lose your e-shop if you don’t want to pay the monthly fee anymore. At Vertec we do not recognize such an approach, your eshop is simply yours. We are fair!

Yes, we tailor our work to your requirements, so you won’t end up with a “this is not possible” answer.

We are able to implement any modern payment gateway, the price of the e-shop includes a standard connection to the Global Paymets payment gateway (MasterCard, Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay).

Most of the most widely used systems have an already developed solution available, so it depends on the specific requirements. If the application supports API connection, we are able to provide custom development.

Never mind, we have the option of spreading it out into monthly payments. You decide for yourself what is the most advantageous for you.

Contact our sales representative for a customized quote.

The price depends on the specific requirements, scope of work and assignments.

The average price for creating an e-shop paid by our clients is in the lower thousands of euros. Please contact us for a specific quotation.

The payment can also be divided into several instalments – so you only pay when the e-shop starts earning you money!

What is the difference in competing solutions?

Navigating all the different options can be complicated – the table below explains the different options.

Rent e-shop


from verteco

Customized E-shop

Will you provide everything for me?

Yes, that’s what we’re here for. We provide full service so you don’t have to look for 5 different companies. In addition to the online store, you can use our services such as graphic design, SEO, online advertising, social media management… just everything you need for a successful online business!

Your eshop can have:

how does the creation process work?

Introductory meeting

Personal contact is essential. You get to know us, we’ll get to know you. We’ll talk about the basics and listen to your idea.

Efficiency first

An e-shop can work without technological gems. But tell yourself – would you want to invoice every single customer separately? Would you like to keep track of your stock and not know when you have the last three pieces in stock? Our superior solutions solve it all for you, so you can focus on business and less mandatory paperwork.

Proposal for a solution

Once we know what you need, we can design the optimal solution. We have experience with e-commerce and we know what every single e-shop needs for ideal functioning.

Testing and consultation

We have handed over the e-shop and now your comments are due, may everything be to your liking. We’ll even be with you to fine-tune everything the way you want it.

Now the design

As you know, people buy nice things. Of course people like nice things, they feel good in them. Just like in your new e-shop – if we make it really nice and user-friendly, sales will definitely be higher.

Online marketing

After the successful launch of the online shop, the game doesn’t end, it just begins. Above all, customers need to know about you in order to buy from you. You need to show up and promote yourself. We can help you with that too, and remember that online marketing is the most important part of the whole project. Because this is what drives customers to the portal so that your eshop profits.


our creation

We have already created attractive websites and e-shops for several of our clients. Take a look at our portfolio and contact us for more information about your new website.

we also offer

Do you need to upload products from your supplier to your e-shop? Making sure all information is up to date and your e-shop is running like clockwork? Thanks to our XML feed management and processing service, we can help you connect your e-shop to your supplier and provide your e-shop with the necessary measures to make everything work as it should. Your customers will return to you with enthusiasm.

we also offer

Is your supplier from another country and would you need to translate XML feeds? Do you have multilingual e-shops, but their administration is complicated due to translation? Not only can we help you find a suitable solution for XML feeds, but we also offer translations in multiple languages. Whether it’s products, categories or your entire e-shop. Get in touch with us today and discover your options.

why is e-commerce a good choice?

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